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Welcome to the website of the Slope Engineering Department, Public Works Department Malaysia.

The Slope Engineering Department was established in 2004 prompted by the incident of rockfall at Bukit Lanjan which has caused a closure of our major highway for 6 months. Prior to this incident, there were other landmark landslide such as the collapse of the Highland Tower, debris flow at Genting Sempah and landslide at Hillview have trigger the government to take actions for better management of slopes in the country. The establishment of the Branch is to ensure that slopes in Malaysia are properly and systematically managed. The branch strive to become the reference point for slope engineering in the country and to be recognized internationally. It will also emphasize on tropical climate region.







Aspiring to be the internationally recognized centre of excellence in slope engineering, the branch utilized the state of the art technologies in order to ensure safer slopes and to reduce economic losses and social impact due to slope failures. Among the tasks carry out by the branch, including slope failure investigations, repair works, landslide early warning system, slope cataloguing, data digitalizing, promoting public awareness and also formulating specifications and guidelines for slopes.

Our website provided information of our services and introduces you to our diverse roles and functions. It is also a medium of communication through sharing and disseminating information to interested parties in efficient, effective and interactive way.

I sincerely hope that you will find it helpful.


Dr. Che Hassandi Abdullah

Director of

Slope Engineering Department


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